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Exotic Pets: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
What's It Like to Have a Pet Raccoon?
A look at the characteristics of raccoons and whether they make good pets
Over 100 Names for Your Pet Fish
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for fish.
Mr. Frodo, Myrtle the Turtle, and Other Popular...
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for turtles and tortoises.
Pot Bellied Pigs as Pets: Here's What You Can...
A discussion of what to expect if you choos a pot bellied pig as a pet.
Here's a Giant List of Great Names for Pet...
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for lizards.
Exotic Pet Names
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for hamsters.
What Should I Name My Exotic Pet?
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for pairs of pets.
What is Your Guinea Pig Trying to Tell You?
An introduction to guinea pig behavior, including common vocalizations and other things guinea pigs do to communicate, to help with understanding guinea pig behavior.
Not Sure What to Name Your Pet Snake? Check Out...
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for snakes.
The Easter Bunny
What do rabbits have to do with easter? Find out where the story of the easter bunny came from.
How to Feed a Red Eared Slider Turtle for...
Answer in response to a question I am asked frequently about feeding red eared sliders, especially young turtles.
Want an Exotic Pet? Check Out These State Laws...
Not sure if it is legal to own the type of exotic pet you have or are looking to get in the state you live in? Find out the exotic pet laws in your state here.
New to Pet Snakes? Figure Out What Type is...
Thinking about a pet snake? Learn about what you should consider before deciding on a snake as a pet, good snakes for beginners, and some basic care requirements of pet snakes.
How to Choose and Care for a Pet Lizard
About keeping lizards as pets, including choosing the right lizard and some basic but important care concepts.
A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Ball Pythons as...
Basic information on ball pythons, including choosing a pet ball python, providing a proper cage, and feeding ball pythons.
Cute Names for Your Pet Goat!
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for goats.
Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?
What you need to know if you are considering a sugar glider as a pet, including basic care information and links.
Interested in Reptile Ownership? Check Out...
Information for inexperienced owners looking for their first reptile, including four good reptiles for beginners
Pet Sloths
Learn the basics on caring for pet sloths.
What Should I Name My Pet Pig?
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for pigs.
Thinking of Getting a Pet Wolfdog? Here's What...
What you need to know about keeping wolfdogs as pets, including what you should consider before deciding on a wolfdog as a companion.
Not Sure What to Name Your Guinea Pig? Here's a...
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for guinea pigs.
10 Animals that Should Not be Kept as Pets
A list of the top 10 animals that make bad pets.
Your A-to-Z Guide to Exotic Pets
Looking for information on a particular species? An index of all the types and species of exotic pets covered on About Exotic Pets.
Your Quickie Guide to Tame Siberian Pet Foxes
After over 50 years of selective breeding, the tame siberian pet fox is gaining in popularity for its looks and personality. Read more about these newly domesticated foxes.
Everything You Should Know About Owning a Pet...
An introdcution to tortoises as pets, including things to consider before committing to a pet toortoise, and links to species information.
What Should Pet Rats Eat?
Components of a good diet for pet rats includes food designed for rats as well as some fresh healthy food choices.
What Should I Name My Pet Bird?
Browse through a list of reader-submitted names for pet birds.
A Beginner's Guide to Keeping Axolotls as Pets
An introduction to the unusual and exotic axolotl, including basic housing and care information.
8 Things You Should Know About Caring for a Pet...
A guide to pet rabbits, including making the decision if a pet rabbit is right for you, choosing a healthy rabbit, and the proper care of a pet rabbit.
Your Quick Introduction to Pet Lovebirds
Infomation about keeping lovebirds as pets, including basic characteristics and care of pet lovebirds.
Buying a Hamster? Here's What You Need to Know
A guide to help you choose a hamster, care for a hamster, and handle a hamster.
Everything You Need to Know about Chinchillas
Profile of chinchillas as pets, basic information about chinchillas and basic care information
Which Small Rodent is the Right Pet for You?
A quick comparison of hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, and guinea pigs, which are all common choices as family pets.
How to Set Up a Tank for Your Pet Fiddler Crabs
Information on fiddler crabs and how to keep them as pets, including setting up a tank appropriate for fiddler crabs.
Everything You Need to Know About Pet Guinea Pigs
Facts about guinea pigs, what to consider when choosing a guinea pig, finding and choosing a guinea pig, care of guinea pigs.
Fennec Foxes
Basic information on fennec foxes and keeping them as pets
How to Care for Red-Eared Slider Turtles
Red-eared sliders are one of the most common types of turtles found in the pet trade, but many owners are surprised by the amount of care they need. Here's what you should know about red-eared sliders before getting one, and a basic guide to their care.
Need a Name for Your New Exotic Pet? Check Out...
Alphabetical list of all the exotic pet names submitted by our readers.
What Should I Name My Hedgehog?
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for hedgehogs.
How to Choose and Take Care of a Tarantula
What you need to know before getting a tarantula, and choosing a pet tarantula
6 Reasons Why a Pet Monkey Might Not Be Right...
A look at the reasons monkeys can be very challenging and difficult pets.
What to Consider Before Getting a Pet Corn Snake
Chossing a corn snake as a pet, with information on care of corn snakes.
Do Fennec Foxes Make Good Pets?
A look at what an owner can expect from a pet fennec fox.
All About Pet Veiled Chameleons
Information about veiled chameleons and their care in captivity.
Do Lions, Tigers and Other Big Cats Make Good...
A look at the ready availability of big (non domestic) cats in the pet trade and the problems that can result when the reality of caring for a pet tiger or other large wild cat sets in.
Everything You Need to Know about Keeping...
Information on keeping aquatic turtles as pets, including what to expect from a turtle and the level of care and commitment required to keep turtles as pets.
A Whole Bunch of Possible Names for Your Pet...
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet names for ferrets, from A to M.
Fish Names
Are you looking for a fish name for your pet fish? Check out this list of user-submitted fish names.
New to Ferrets? Here's Everything You Need to...
Information about keeping ferrets as pets, including a care guide and some facts about ferrets.
Your Quick Guide to Keeping Degus as Pets
About degus as pets, including basic care information.
What You Should Know About Keeping Pet Chameleons
A look at the basic needs of pet chameleons including the type of cage set up required and feeding. Page 2.
Easy Ways to Tell if Your Snake is a Male or...
It is not easy to tell the difference between male and female snakes and it is something you should get an experienced keeper or vet to show you.
Your Guide to Keeping Leopard Geckos as Pets
Introduction to leopard geckos and their care as pets.
Exotic Pet Names - B
Browse pet names submitted to the site beginning with the letter B.
Do Domesticated Foxes Make Good Pets?
Are you interested in getting a pet fox? Can a fox be kept as a pet? Find out here!
How to Keep Your Canary Happy and Healthy
An introduction to the pet canary and basic information on the care of pet canaries
Proper Feeding Rates for a Red-Eared Slider
How much and mow often to feed red eared sliders and other aquatic turtles
The Basic Diet Your Pet Rabbit Needs
A guide to properly feeding pet rabbits, who need ample roughage and fresh vegetables in their diets.
How to Choose the Right Pet Frog
Keeping frogs as pets - pros and cons, what to consider before choosing a frog, good frog species for beginners, and links to care sheets.
Simple Tips for Finding a Lost Hamster
Tips on finding and recapturing a lost hamster.
Goats as Pets
Some things to consider if you are thinking about getting a pet goat.
Pet Tigers
Keeping tigers as pets and why it isn't a good idea.
What You Didn't Know About Capuchin Monkeys
Pet monkeys are controversial pets across the country. The Capuchin monkey is known for its tiny size and baby face. Capuchins are loved by their owners but do not typically make good pets. Learn more about Capuchins here.
Pet Prairie Dog
The pet prairie dog is a large affectionate rodent if handled as a baby. Find out more about these long-lived pets here.
Keeping the Water in Your Turtle Tank Clean
There are several ways to keep your turtle tank clean. Having a tank that is set up well with a good filter is a good start. Page 2.
Keeping The Water in Your Turtle Tank Clean
Let's face it, red eared sliders can be messy. Keeping their tanks clean and their water quality high can be a real challenge, but there are ways to make keeping the tank clean easier.
How to Keep Your Pig Healthy with Proper...
Information on the proper diet for pet pot bellied pigs
Interesting Facts About Raising Hedgehogs
A quick guide to hedgehogs as pets, and basic care information.
Raising Tadpoles
A general guide to the rearing of tadpoles, both wild harvested eggs and captive bred.
My Hermit Crab Isn't Moving; Is He Dead or...
How to tell the difference between a molting hermit crab dead hermit crab
Surprise Hamster Babies: How to Handle a New...
What you should do if your hamster unexpectedly has a litter of babies (pups).
Chinese Water Dragons
Information and facts about water dragons and basic care information.
How to Keep Emperor Scorpions as Pets
Introduction to scorpions as pets, with an emphasis on the care of the large emperor scorpion.
Explore Quick Facts About a Popular Exotic Pet
Basic facts about sugar gliders, incluing expected life span for pet sugar gliders.
Rabbit Communication Basics
A quick guide to some of the things rabbits do to communicate and what they likely mean.
What's it Like to Own a Bearded Dragon?
An introduction to keeping bearded dragons as pets.
How to Handle and Tame Pet Hamsters
Information and advice on taming and handling your pet hamster.
The Facts You Need to Know About Keeping a Rat...
What you need to know about deciding on a rat as a pet - life span, size, and characteristics.
Aquatic Turtles and Outdoor Ponds
Information and tips about keeping aquatic turtles such as red eared sliders in outdoor ponds
How Do I Determine if My Hamster is Male or...
How to tell the difference between male and female hamsters.
Hamster Health
A quick guide to common health problems seen in pet hamsters.
Red Eared Slider Care - Tank and Supplies
Red eared sliders are not difficult to care for, but it is important to choose a tank that is big enough, and provide sufficient water, a basking area, water filtration, and appropriate heat and light in order to keep your turtle happy and healthy.
Feeding Hermit Crabs
What to feed hermit crabs as part of a balanced diet.
Savannah Monitor
Care requirements for a pet savannah monitor.
Rabbit Cages - Cleaning Tips
Cleaning cages is not a fun chore for any pet, but making cleaning as easy as possible and sticking to a schedule will make cage cleaning less of a chore and simply part of your routine.
Introduction to keeping pet budgies along with a quick summary of their care (cages, feeding).
Bearded Dragon Glass Surfing
Find out what glass surfing is and why your bearded dragon is doing it.
Help! My Hermit Crab is Out of His Shell and...
Sometimes a hermit crab will come out of its shell and not get back in. There are numerous reasons this can occur, and it can be tough problem to overcome because of the stress crabs are under when this happens.
Guinea Pigs as Pets
Guinea pigs can make lovely pets, but there are a few things you should know before getting a guinea pig
Hedgehog Housing
A discussion of different kinds of cages for pet hedgehogs.
How Can I Tell if My Red Eared Slider is a Male...
Determining if a red eared slider turtle is male or female: sexing red eared sliders
How Do I Feed My Red Eared Slider
How to go about feeding your red eared slider or other aquatic turtle.
Pet Rabbit Housing
What to consider when choosing a home for a house rabbit, including provided the right size of cage.
Feeding Guinea Pigs
Guidelines for Feeding your guinea pig incluing meeting their vitamin c requirments.
Housing Tortoises Indoors - Ideas for Building...
Tortoises do best if they can live in an outdoor pen, at least for part of the year. Tortoises that are kept indoors can become quite stressed and suffer health problems as a result. Building a custom indoor enclosure is the best way to house tortoises indoors if the outdoor option is not available.
Care of Crested Geckos
Information about the care of crested geckos.
Grooming Pet Rabbits
Information on routine grooming of pet rabbits, and whether rabbits need baths.
Feeding Chinchillas
Chinchillas have sensitive digestive systems and must be fed a high quality food designed for the specific needs of chinchillas. In addition, they should have fresh hay for roughage, and there are a few treats that you can also give on a limited basis.
Exotic Pet Names - A
Browse pet names submitted to the site starting with the letter A.
Care of Pet Rats
Information on caring for pet rats including setting up a rat cage, and providing toys and exercise, and feeding.
What You Need to Know Before Purchasing an Iguana
What to expect from a pet iguana and links to some of the best iguana care information available online
Jackson's Chameleon
Information about Jackson's chameleons and their care in captivity.
Everything You Need to Know about Pet King...
An introduction tot he closely related king and milk snakes, and how to choose a healthy snake.
Kinkajous as Pets
A look at keeping kinkajous as pets, and a look at their basic care and needs.
Pet Monkey
Learn about different monkeys that are kept as pets.
Want a Pet Siberian Fox? Check Out the Pet...
The Institute of Cytology and Genetics has developed these tame pet foxes through long-term selection and breeding for behavior.
Top Ten Reasons Ferrets Make Good Pets
Reasons that ferrets can make excellent pets.
Lop-Eared Rabbits
A profile of Lop-Eared Rabbits.
Feeding Pet Gerbils
Components of a good diet for feeding pet gerbils
Is a Fire Bellied Newt the Right Pet for You?...
Information on setting up a tank for fire bellied newts, and how to feed fire bellied newts. Page 2.
Mice as Pets
Introduction to keeping fancy mice as pets, incluinding tips on choosing a pet mouse.
Keeping Green Anoles as Pets
of green anoles including setting up an appropriate tank and feeding.
What Should I Feed my Box Turtles?
Appropriate foods for the captive diet of pet box turtles
Rasing Crickets for Food
The advantages of keeping and raising crickets as food for your pet, and information on gut loading them before feeding them to your pet.
Skunks as Pets
An introduction to the characteristics of skunks as pets and what to expect from a pet skunk.
Keeping Blue Tongued Skinks as Pets
Keeping blue tongued skinks as pets - information and a guide to their care.
The Real Cost of Caring for A Pet Rabbit
Find out how much it will cost you to care for a pet rabbit.
Exotic Pet Names - D
Browse pet names submitted to the site beginning with the letter D.
Pet Rabbit Names
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet rabbit names starting with the letter A.
Chinchillas are impossibly soft and cute creatures from South America that make wonderful pets. Learn about the characteristics of chinchillas to decide if a chinchilla might be the right pet for you, then find out about their care in our chinchilla care guide.
Exotic Pet Names - M
Browse pet names submitted to the site beginning with the letter M.
Bearded dragons sometimes go into brumation. Explore this interesting behavior of bearded dragons and learn more about brumation of Pogona Vitticeps.
Rabbits as Pets
Advice on litter training pet rabbits, from choosing a litter to the steps to take to encourage rabbits to use the litter box both inside and outside their cage.
Tiger Salamanders as Pets
Introduction to keeping tiger salamanders as pets and information on caring for them in both the larval and adult form.
Feeding Your Ferret
A guide to feeding your ferret with advice on reading labels and some recommended diets.
African Clawed Frogs as Pets
Information about african clawed frogs as pets and how to care for them as pets.
Wood Shavings
A discussion of concerns over wood shavings as pet bedding and litter, especially cedar shavings and possibly pine shavings.
Can You Hold or Cuddle a Hedgehog? Are They...
A reader wants to know if hedgehogs are spiky, whether hedgehogs can be held and cuddled.
Help! My Hamster Bites - What Can I Do?
How to deal with a biting hamster.
Geckos - Tail Loss
Geckos can drop their tails as a defense to get away when something grabs their tail. What happens when a gecko drops its tail, and will the tail grow back?
Box Turtles as Pets
An introduction to keeping box turtles as pets.
How To Trim Your Rabbit's Nails
How to trim the nails of your rabbit.
Rabbit Coat Colors
A general description of the wide array of rabbit coat colors.
Parrot Nutrition 101
A good parrot diet is based on a formulated diet, but with a wide variety of nutrtious foods as a supplement. Page 2.
Care of Smooth And Rough Green Snakes (Grass...
A look at the characteristics of smooth and rough green snakes of the genus Opheodrys (also called grass snakes), and how to care for them as pets.
Rabbits as Pets - Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for...
Rabbits can make lovely pets, but as always, having the right expectations is paramount to developing a strong bond with your pet. Find out characteristics and quirks of pet rabbits to help you decide if a pet rabbit is right for you.
Exotic Pet Names - G
Browse pet names submitted to the site beginning with the letter G.
Fennec Fox Facts
Here are a few interesting and true things about the cute and tiny fox known as the fennec fox.
How Long Do Parrots and Other Pet Birds Live
Some estimated expected life spans for some commonly found parrots and other pet birds.
Guide to Geckos
A introduction to keeping geckos as pets, including links to more information on a variety of gecko species.
Signs a Snake is About to Shed its Skin
Snakes generally shed their skin several times a year, and young growing snakes shed even more frequently. You will likely be able to see some tell tale signs that your snake is about to shed.
Exotic Pets for Apartment Living
Sometimes exotic pets are a good choice for apartment living, assuming (of course) that pets are permitted where you live. As always, there is no one pet that will fit all situations, for it will depend on what you want from a pet and the type and amount of space you have.
Frogs and Ponds
Keeping frogs captive outdoors is not really an option, but if you build a frog-friendly pond, the frogs will likely come. However, never introduce non-native frogs or release captive frogs into you pond or any pond.
Leopard Tortoises
Profile of leopard tortoises and their care as pets.
Red Footed Tortoises
An introduction to the red foot tortoise and its care as a pet.
Exotic Pet Names - S
Browse pet names submitted to the site beginning with the letter S.
Exotic Pet Names - T
Browse pet names submitted to the site beginning with the letter T.
Chinchillas and Dust Baths
The importance of dust baths for chinchillas, and how to provide the dust bath.
Toys for Pet Rabbits
Some ideas for inexpensive and creative toys for your pet rabbit.

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