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Phasmids - Stick Insects and Leaf Insects as Pets

Information on keeping stick and leaf insects as pets. As a group, stick and leaf insects are called "phasmids" (and stick insects are often also called walking sticks). This group of insects actually make quite hardy (although delicate) pets.

Stick Insects as Pets
Introduction to keeping stick insects as pets, and how to care for Indian (laboratory) stick insects.

Care of Stick Insects
General care sheet on the care of stick insects in captivity, by Gordon Ramel.

Caresheet - Stick Insects
Caresheet from the The Amateur Entomologists' Society that mentions a variety of species.

Phasmids : Stick Insects
Thorough site about the care of stick insects. It doesn't appear the site is updated anymore, but it still contains a lot of valuable information on the care and breeding of phasmids. By Gareth Price.

Stick Insect Cages
Sometimes you can build an inexpensive cage that is better than anything you can buy pre-made in a store. Find out what materials to use in your stick insect cages.

Insects for Kids
If you're not afraid of bugs, consider getting an insect as a pet for your kids. There are many reasons why an insect can make a great pet. Find out the recommended insects for kids are.

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