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Information on wolfdogs as pets, including general care, issues about keeping wolfdogs and the need to carefully consider if a wolfdog is right for you, as well as links to wolfdog rescues.

Do You Want a Wolfdog?
A look at information about wolfdogs, especially characteristics that potential owners need to consider.

Pet Wolf Dog Pictures
Gallery of pet wolf dog pictures submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Wolfdog Names
Names for wolf dogs submitted by their owners, and information on how to get your wolfdog names included.

Books about Wolfdogs as Pets
Books of interest to people interested in keeping a wolfdog as a pet.

Book Review: Wolfdogs A-Z, by Nicole Wilde
A review of the book Wolfdogs A-Z, by Nicole Wilde.

Book Review: Living with Wolfdogs
A review of Living with Wolfdogs: An Everyday Guide to a Lifetime Companionship, by Nicole Wilde.

Book Review - Lobo and Me by Sal Del Gaudio
Review of Lobo and Me, by Sal Del Gaudio, a book about living with wolfdogs,

Book Review - Kavika, Tales of a Timber Wolf
A review of Kavika: Tales of a Timber Wolf, by Michael T. Fisher.

What Are Wolf Hybrids? - A Guest Article by Stormy
A guest article by Stormy that discusses wolf hybrids especially the challenges of sharing your life with wolf hybrids, and the importance of responsible ownership.

The Wolf Dunn
Good site with lots of articles on wolfdogs, from basic information, FAQ, photos and stories and much more.

The Wolf IS at the Door
Site of a non-profit wolf and wolfdog advocate group, formed specifically to educate potential wolfdog owners about ALL that is entailed in the responsible ownership of captive wolves, and wolfdogs.

The WolfDog Resource
Articles on behavior, socialization, legal issues, medical concerns, and more.

United States American Wolfdog Association
Registry for wolf crosses; site has some information as well as message board and chat room, as well as other areas.

Site with lots of information on wolfdogs, genetics, behavior, training, and rescue, by Kim Miles.

Wolf Hybrid Awareness Through Education
Wolf Hybrid Awareness Through Education (WHATE)supports the responsible ownership of wolfdogs, especially education of those considering a wolfdog. By Nicole Wilde.

Wolf and Wolf Hybrid Rescue Page
Scroll through the initial information (worth reading, too) to find some web and postal addresses for wolf rescue organizations.

Vaccinations for Pet Wolfdogs
Learn what vaccines a pet wolfdog should get.

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