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The common grey wallaroo is Macropus robustus and the red wallaroo is Macropus cervenus

Size and Appearace:

Wallaroos are stocky and powerful, with shaggy fur and bare black snouts. Males can weigh anywhere from 50 to 100 lbs, while females are more likely to be 40 to 50 lbs. Males are usually 40 to 56 inches long and females are 30 to 40 inches long.

Life Span:

Reported at 15-20 years.


They are curious and will bond quite nicely to their owners if hand raised and well socialized (and treated well). They can be playful and affectionate, but also mischevious. They can be taught to understand "no" and need firm corrections but physical punishment should never be used.


Wallaroos are herbivores, naturally grazing on grasses and shrubs. In captivity, they should have a constant supply of fresh, good quality hay (such as bermuda or rye grass). Ideally a grass pasture (securely fenced, of course) should be provided for grazing. A commercial (e.g. Mazuri) kangaroo/wallaby diet can be fed as well. A vitamin E and selenium supplement is recommended, and a variety of fresh vegetables can be offered as treats.


A large, securely fenced pen or pasture is needed. These are large animals that need a lot of space to move around and exercise.


An interview with a wallaroo breeder gives good insight on the kinds of pets wallaroos can be:
Interview with Larry Munchrath
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