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The Hybrid Cat

The Toyger

Photo © Heikki Siltala

The hybrid cat may not look like your regular house cat, but it can be found in households across America.

Hybrid Cat Breeds

There are several breeds of hybrid cats. Some are seen pretty regularly at cat shows and veterinary offices while others are far less common.

The Bengal

Bengals are one of the more commonly seen hybrid housecats. They look like little leopards and can have variations in color and patterns. Although they may not weigh much more than a normal cat, they are usually a little taller and longer.

The Savannah Cat

Savannah Cats are gaining in popularity. They are taller than a typical housecat and look like small cheetahs. They are a cross between a domestic cat and a Serval.

The Toyger

Toygers are not wild cats at all but their markings would tell you otherwise. These regular sized tabbies were bred to have stripes like tigers do in the wild and in later generations the Bengal was used for a larger body size.

The Chausie

Resembling small Mountain Lions, Chausies are a cross with a domestic cat and the wild Jungle Cat. They can weigh up to 25 pounds but are considered a domestic breed. The Stone Cougar is another hybrid developed from the same pairing of domestics and Jungle Cats but is a different breed from the Chausie.

The Jungle Lynx

Another one of man's creations is the Jungle Lynx. Originally the Jungle Lynx was created by crossing a Jungle Cat and a bobcat but later generations have included a variety of domestic, but wild looking, breeds.

The Bristol Cat

Resembling a small ocelot, the beautiful Bristol is a cross between a domestic cat and a wild Margay.

The Cheetoh

Despite the name, I don't think the Cheetoh resembles a cheesy, corn snack at all. Actually it is a cross between the Bengal and the Ocicat, giving it a very wild look.

Many other crosses exist and will continue to pop up in the hybrid cat world. Jungle-Bobs, Jungle-Curls, Machbagrals, Viverrals, Pantherettes, Punjabis, Pixie-Bobs, Safaris, Serengetis, and Ussuris are other hybrid cats that are seen here and there.

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