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About keeping tortoises as pets, including profiles and care sheets for several species of pet tortoise including leopard, Mediterranean, Russian, sulcata, and red foot tortoises.

Housing Tortoises Indoors - Ideas for Building Custom Enclosures
Tortoises do best if they can live in an outdoor pen, at least for part of the year. Tortoises that are kept indoors can become quite stressed and suffer health problems as a result. Building a custom indoor enclosure is the best way to house tortoises indoors if the outdoor option is not available.

A look at the general care of tortoises and some resources around the Net, from your About.com guide.

Leopard Tortoises
Profile of the leopard tortoise and very basic care guide.

Hermann's Tortoises
Profile of the Hermann's tortoise and very basic care guide.

Horsfield's / Russian Tortoise
Profile of the Horsfiled's tortoise (also known as the Russian tortoise) and very basic care guide.

Red Footed Tortoise
Profile of the red footed tortoise and very basic care guide.

Sulcata Tortoise
Profile of the sulcata tortoise and very basic care guide.

Chaco Tortoises
By Melissa Kaplan, a brief discussion of this species in captivity and in the wild.

Desert Tortoise Care Sheet
From the California Turtle and Tortoise club archives, care information.

Desert Tortoise Diet Sheet
A  recipe for a well balanced diet for desert tortoises, by Melissa Kaplan.

Jackson Ratio
A description of the proper use of the Jackson Ratio (weight to length ratio) to determine the health of tortoises (particularly suitability for hibernating). From the British Chelonia Group.

Mediterranean Tortoise Care Sheet
Off the Slowcoach Tortoise site, a thorough care guide to Mediterranean tortoises, including some photos to illustrate the different species

Pancake Tortoises
By Michael J. Connor, a description and care information for pancake tortoises.

Safer Hibernation
By Andy Highfield, a thorough discussion of ensuring a healthy outcome for hibernating tortoises (mainly Mediterranean tortoises). Also discusses healthy diets.

Slowcoach Tortoise Site
A site devoted to tortoises owners - UK based, primarily Mediterranean tortoises are covered but useful information for any tortoise owner.

Tortoise Fingerprinting
A quick description of this process for providing a permanent record of plastron pattern for identification purposes. British Chelonia Group.

Leopard Tortoise Diet - Do Leopard Tortoises Eat Meat?
Find out if leopard tortoises eat meat.

Greek Tortoises and Spur-Thighed Tortoises
Caresheet for pet Greek (Spur-thighed) Tortoises.

Greek Tortoises and Spur-Thighed Tortoises
Caresheet for pet Greek (Spur-thighed) Tortoises.

Star Tortoises
Find out the basics of pet Indian Star Tortoise care.

Radiated Tortoises
Care guide for pet radiated tortoises.

Feeding Tortoises Leafy Green Vegetables
Find out what greens are best to feed your pet tortoise.

Overwintering Tortoises
Find out if your tortoise species needs to be overwintered.

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