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Time Lapse Video of a Tarantula Molting

By horehoundpie

This video is a very quick time lapse of a rose hair tarantula molting. Note the spider is on its back, and the old exoskeleton is split and pushed off in a single piece. Molting is a very sensitive time for tarantulas. They usually molt on their back or side, which can sometimes alarm owners, but if you find a tarantula in this position it is most likely beginning a molt (and not dead). The actual molt is usually completed within a few hours, although the spider's new exoskeleton will take a few days to harden, and the tarantula is very susceptible to injury during this time. Never handle or feed a newly molted tarantula for a week or so after the molt (and make sure there are no stray old crickets in the tank during this time, since even a little cricket can seriously injure a newly molted tarantula). For more about molting tarantulas, see http://exoticpets.about.com/od/tarantulas/f/moltingtarantul.htm

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