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Tarantulas as Pets

Information about keeping tarantulas as pets, including several species profiles and general care of pet tarantulas.

Time Lapse Video of a Tarantula Molting
Time lapse video, from YouTube, of a tarantula molting.

Why is My Tarantula Laying on its Back? Is it Dead?
There are a few common signs that a tarantula is about to molt. The most dramatic is that the tarantula will flip over onto its back, but there are a couple of other, more subtle, signs that may precede a molt.

Why Does My Tarantula Have a Bald Spot on Its Abdomen?
A look at the reasons why a tarantula might have a bald patch on his or her abdomen.

Pet Tarantula Pictures
Gallery of pet tarantula photos submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Tarantulas are compact, clean and quiet, are not as dangerous as many people believe, and can make wondeful pets. Find out about pet tarantula basics, general care and other tarantula information here.

Chilean Rose Tarantulas
Chilean Rose Tarantulas (Grammostola rosea) as Pets - Care Sheet

Costa Rican Zebra Tarantulas
Costa Rican Zebra Tarantulas (Aphonopelma seemani) as pets - profile and care sheet.

Curly Hair Tarantulas
Curly Hair Tarantulas (Brachypelma albopilosum) as pets - profile and care sheeet.

Desert Blonde Tarantulas
Desert Blonde Tarantulas (Aphonopelma chalcodes) as pets - profile and care sheet.

Mexican Redknee Tarantulas
Mexican Redknee Tarantulas (Brachypelma smithi) as pets - profile and care sheet.

Mexican Redleg Tarantulas (Brachypelma emilia) as pets - Care Sheet
Mexican Redleg Tarantulas (Brachypelma emilia) as pets - profile and care sheet.

Pinktoe Tarantulas
Pinktoe Tarantulas (Avicularia avicularia) as pets - profile and care sheet.

Tarantula Pictures
Pictures of tarantulas, submitted by tarantula owners.

Tarantula Names
Names for pet tarantulas, submitted by other owners (and how to include your tarantula names).

Gifts for Tarantula Owners and Fans
A selection of neat gift items great for tarantula owners or just fans of big, hairy spiders.

Arachnopets Tarantula Species Care Sheets
Good selection of tarantula species care sheets from Arachnopets. This site also features a large online community (Arachnoboards), impressive photo gallery, and classifieds, chat, and links as well and info on centipedes and scorpions.

American Tarantula Society
This society encompasses tarantulas as well as other arachnids and scorpions.  Site is home to articles, information and an online store with books and live spiders.

British Tarantula Society
This site includes information on joining this society which welcomes tarantula enthusiasts from everywhere. Some information on the society and its publications as well as other information, as well as a members only area.

Petbugs.com Tarantula Care Sheets
A collection of care sheets for a variety of species - brief, covering the basics of temperature and humidity.

Tarantula's Burrow
Lots of great information about tarantulas on Martin Overton's site - useful articles and care sheets, as well as games, puzzles, news and much more.

Tarantulas Molting
Tarantulas molting are awesome things to watch. Learn all about this process here.

Popular Pet Spiders
Learn about pet spiders and why people choose them as pets.

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