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Bourbon's Modified Leadbeater's (BML) Sugar Glider Diet

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Bourbon's Modified Leadbeater's (BML) Sugar Glider Diet

Sugar glider

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The BML sugar glider diet is a version of the original Leadbeater's Diet, a well-known complete diet used to feed sugar gliders in captivity. It is a widely accepted and known diet for sugar gliders.

The BML sugar glider diet should not be used in conjunction with other formulated diets, such as Brisky's Sugar Glider food, and if anything is changed or substituted your glider will probably not eat it.

After preparing this diet, you have a real time saver on your hands since you have pre-made cubes to feed your glider.



Blend the honey, egg, and apple juice in a blender until smooth. Turn off the blender and add the Gerber juice and Rep-cal Herpivite Vitamin Supplement. Blend until smooth and then turn off blender. Add the Rep-cal Calcium Supplement, the chicken baby food, wheat germ, and dry baby cereal. One last time, blend until smooth, and pour into ice cube trays, filling each compartment only halfway and place into the freezer.

A full ice cube equals about 2 Tbs. and this diet should be served in 1 Tb. increments, along with 1 Tb. fresh or frozen fruit and 1 Tb. fresh and frozen vegetables each evening. This is why you only fill the ice cube tray compartments halfway with the diet.

Simply place the cube and fruits and veggies in the food dish a few hours earlier than feeding time to allow the fruits and veggies to thaw and the cube to melt a bit. Remove it in the morning to avoid any food spoilage and make sure the fruits and veggies are cut up very small.

Small snacks may be offered mid-day with this diet if your sugar glider is extra hungry.

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BML Diet, Member Maven775

As a breeder, this is my preffered diet for my Gliders and I have been feeding it succesfully for the last 5 years. I do find that my gliders want a midday snack and I often use yogurt for this. make sure it has live cultures. I use plain so I can mix in fruit or as an occasional treat peanut butter. get natural peanut butter with NO sugar. The last thing anyone needs is a glider hopped up on refined sugar even if it was NOT bad for them (and it is bad for them, bad for you too by the way) Just remember that those who make pelleted food have only the sale of that food and not necessarily your pet's best interest in mind. Kudos for including this diet plan!

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