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Sugar Gliders and Squirrels

Instructions on how to care for sugar gliders and flying squirrels as pets. Cage requirements, diets and toys are suggested along with photos.
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  2. Sugar Gliders (26)

Definition of Patagium
Definition of the patagium, found on sugar gliders and flying squirrels.

Sugar Glider Diet
Take a look at all the options you have for a sugar glider diet.

Calcium Phosphorous Ratios in Fruits and Vegetables
Finding fruits and vegetables with the appropriate calcium phosphorous ratios can be confusing. Use this simple list to keep your ratios where they should be for your exotic pet's needs.

HPW Sugar Glider Diet
The HPW sugar glider diet is becoming more popular as sugar glider owners realize the nutritional requirements of their pets. Find out how easy this formula is to make and store for your sugar glider.

Pocket Pets
Find out what pocket pets are and if one is the right pet for you.

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