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Information about keeping skunks as pets, including what to expect from a pet skunk, tips on finding a skunk breeder, photos of skunks, and more.

Brag About Your Pet Skunk
About.com user submitted advice and information on different exotic pets.See submissions

Information on skunks as pets.

Skunks as Pets
A look at the characteristics and care of skunks.

Finding a Pet Skunk
Looking for a skunk? While you won't find breeders listed here, you'll find some tips on locating a breeder locally.

Pet Skunk Names
Names for pet skunks submitted by their owners (and how to get your names included).

Pet Skunk Pictures
Pet skunks pictures submitted by your owners (along with information about submitting your skunk pictures to the gallery).

Florida Skunk Rescue
About Florida Skunk Rescue and the work it does, along with information on permit requirement for skunk ownership in Florida.

Skunk Haven is a domestic skunk rescue based in Ohio. In addition to their rescue work this rescue provides domestic skunk care information online (care, diet, first aid and more), does educational work, and funds skunk health research.

Skunks as Pets
Information on skunks as pets including Jane Bone's skunk care information, FAQs, show information and more.

Skunks Gifts

Do you know someone who absolutely adores skunks?  Here is a list of items that may be just what they wanted for a birthday, christmas or other type of gift.

Kroger Pet Food Recall
A resource for information on the Kroger pet food recall of 2010.

Calcium Phosphorous Ratios in Fruits and Vegetables
Finding fruits and vegetables with the appropriate calcium phosphorous ratios can be confusing. Use this simple list to keep your ratios where they should be for your exotic pet's needs.

Pet Skunk Lifespan - Pet Skunks
Pet Skunk Lifespan - Pet Skunks

Skunk Show and Tell
Not sure which pet is best for you? Read what owners of your pet of interest have to say in their pet story, or add your own opinion of your pet to help others pick a pet, cage, or diet.

Skunk Food
Information on skunk food.

Skunk Weight Loss
Get some tips on how to help your pet skunk lose weight.

Keeping Wild Baby Skunks as Pets
Wild baby skunks can be tempting to keep as a pet.

Skunk Aleutian Disease
Find out about the mysterious Aleutian Virus Disease in pet skunks.

Skunkfest 2013
Find out all about Skunkfest!

Skunkfest 2013
A collection of Skunkfest 2013 photos.

Skunk Parasites
Find out about parasites in your pet skunk and how to avoid them.

10 Calcium Sources for Pet Skunks
Your skunk needs calcium! Find out what to feed to make sure your skunk is getting some.

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