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How Can I Tell a Male Emperor Scorpion from a Female?


Emperor Scorpion GK Hart & Vikki Hart/Photodisc/Getty Images
Question: How Can I Tell a Male Emperor Scorpion from a Female?
If you are interested in breeding emperor scorpions, you will need to tell males from females. Just a note: if you do intend to breed them, please think about how you will find homes for all the offspring!
Answer: It takes some practice to tell the difference between male and female scorpions. When sexing emperor scorpions, it is best to examine the pectines -- these are small comb-like appendages on the ventral abdomen (underside) of the scorpion. The pectines (sometimes also called pectens) are thought to have a sensory function, primarily to vibrations. In males, these are larger and more prominent, although it may take some experience comparing males and females to use this as a reliable indicator.

There is an excellent photo here: Sexing Emperor Scorpions

Adult males also tend to be a bit smaller than females, but this is unreliable as a tool to differentiate males and females.

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