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How To Care For A Turtle

How To Take Care Of A Turtle


Different kinds of turtles require different kinds of care.  Aquatic, or water turtles have different needs than a land turtle and desert tortoises another kind of care.  Find out here how to care for a turtle.

1. Water Turtle Care - Red Eared Sliders, Painted Turtles and More

Photo © Michelle Broadworth

This guide goes over everything from housing to feeding for the basic care of aquatic turtles.  Read this before getting a water turtle!

2. Red Eared Slider Care

Photo © Lianne McLeod

This guide is geared specifically towards red eared sliders and their special needs.  A must read for RES owners and potential owners.

3. Caring for Water Turtles in a Outdoor Pond

red eared slider in a pond
Photo © Lianne McLeod

Are you considering keeping your water turtle in a pond outside?  If so, this guide should help you out.

4. Eastern Box Turtle Care

Photo © About.com's user James Franks

Read about the care of these small turtles.

5. Three-Toed Box Turtle Care

Edgar - Eastern Three-toed Box Turtle
Photo © Rebecca Speakes

These land turtles usually have three toes as their name suggests, while other land turtles have 4.  Read about this and more on the care of Three-Toed box turtles.

6. Gulf Coast Box Turtle Care

Photo © Flickr user pondhawk

These larger land turtles can grow up to 7 inches in length.  Find out more about Gulf Coast box turtles here.

7. Ornate Box Turtle Care

Kurbi - Ornate Box Turtle Picture
Photo © Barb H.

The care of these land turtles is important to keeping them healthy and long-lived.  Read more on Ornate box turtles here.

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