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IveGot1 iPhone App

Reptile Field Guide for Florida


IveGot1 iPhone App

Florida eating Burmese Python

Photo © Flickr user jonny goldstein

What is IveGot1?

IveGot1 is a free application, currently only available for the iPhone, that assists in identifying 15 different invasive species of reptiles in South Florida.

What Does It Tell Me?

IveGot1 gives you a photograph, information on the reptile, and a phone number to report sightings.

Why Is It Useful?

IveGot1 was originally developed by the University of Georgia's Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health for field researchers. The intent of the app is to aid researchers in the location and numbers of invasive species in Florida so that they can eventually be controlled. This app allows anyone with an iPhone the ability to identify these reptiles, even if they aren't reptile lovers.

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