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Rat Toy Ideas

Toys for Pet Rats


Pet stores may not advertise many, if any toys made specifically for pet rats, but that doesn't mean the perfect rat toy for your rat doesn't exist.  Try hamster toys, mouse toys, and even some bird and ferret toys if you can't find anything you like.  Or get creative and make your own rat toy!

Nut Knot Nibbler

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

If you have a pet rat you know how much they like to chew.  The Nut Knot Nibbler is just the thing for those chewing maniacs.  This nibbler will provide your rat with hours of knawing enjoyment while enabling him to do a little climbing as well.

Willow Ball Rat Toys

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

I love these little woven balls for several reasons.  First of all, they can be chewed, second, they can be carried or pushed around, and third, you get different colored balls for rats to share with each other!  They are pretty inexpensive yet last a decent amount of time as well.

Tiny Tower Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

Is your rat king or queen of the house?  Then this tower is perfect for your rodent ruler.  Not only can they chew this safe mango wood, castle tower, but they can climb on it and rule the roost from 3.5 inches off the ground!

Comfort Wheel Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

Rats love to run around but if you don't always have the time or space to give them the excercise they need this wheel can help.  Enclosed plastic wheels are easy on the feet, easy to rinse clean, and won't cause any damage to those delicate tails.

Triangle Teaser Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

Though marketed as a bird toy, the Triangle Teaser is a great toy for rats.  They can hang on it, grab at it with their tiny paws, and chew on it - all the while giving them exercise and enrichment.  If your rat doesn't seem interested in some other toys, give this one a whirl.

Super Pet Basketball Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

Made for pet birds, this can also be a great toy for rats.  If your rat likes to carry things around, give this basketball toy a try.  You can even train your rat to slam dunk with the tiny basket!

Biddie Buddies Turtle Tunnel Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

Known to be enjoyed by ferrets, this turtle tunnel can also be a favorite among rats.  A soft turtle with tunnels through the legs and shell, this toy can be washed and allows your rats to run around, hide, and get cozy.

Grassy Roll-A-Nest Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

If your rat likes to snuggle into small spaces then he may like a grassy nest.  He can chew, climb, or hide in this woven hide-a-way.  It is made from all-natural sisal and will provide your rat with hours of fun!

Fiddle Sticks Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

A simple but colorful way to provide your rat with some chewing pleasures.  You'll say "Fiddle sticks!  Why didn't I get these sooner?" when you see how happy these pieces of wood make your rodent.

Java Wood Ball Thing Rat Toy

Photo © Pricegrabber.com

If you combine the Willow Balls with the Triangle Teaser you'd get this - the Java Wood Ball Thing.  Yes, it's really a bird toy, but your rat doesn't have to know that.  He'll love dangling from his new toy while he sinks his teeth into the willow balls.  It's the best of both worlds.

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