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Rabbit information, including how to care for a pet rabbit, advice on feeding rabbits, rabbit cages, rabbit toys, and rabbit training, information on health issues affecting pet rabbits, and links to online shopping for rabbits, and rabbit shelters and rabbit rescues.
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  5. Rabbit Behavior and Training (7)

Flemish Giant Rabbit Video
A video of an About.com user's Flemish Giant Rabbit playing in the backyard.

Brag About Your Pet Rabbit
If you have a pet rabbit, please share what you have learned about them with other rabbit owners.See submissions

Lop Eared Rabbits
A look at lop eared rabbits.

Rabbits as Pets - Is a Rabbit the Right Pet for You?
Rabbits can make lovely pets, but as always, having the right expectations is paramount to developing a strong bond with your pet. Find out characteristics and quirks of pet rabbits to help you decide if a pet rabbit is right for you.

Live Rabbits and Easter Can be a Bad Combination
Rabbits are often impulsively acquired or given as gifts at Easter time, but often with expectations that don't match up to the reality of living with a pet rabbit. Think twice before getting a rabbit for Easter, and if you do, consider adopting from a shelter.

Rabbit Pictures
Continuation of gallery of pet rabbit photos submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Care of Pet Rabbits
The basics of rabbits as pets including a collection of resources from About.com related to the care of house rabbits.

Pet Rabbit Pictures
Gallery of pet rabbit pictures submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Rabbit Names
Find out what names other owners have chosen for their rabbits or submit your own.

Rabbits - Quick Guide to Breeds
When it comes to making a good pet, breed and color don't really matter, but here's a quick guide to different breeds and coat colors.

Rabbit Quiz
A quick quiz on rabbit characteristics, behavior and care.

Rabbits - Stories, Shopping, Photos and Fun
Online fun and games with rabbits, including photos, clipart, shopping, stories, humor and more.

Pet Rabbit Names
Browse through a list of reader-submitted pet rabbit names starting with the letter F.

Rabbit Names
An alphabetical list of user-submitted rabbit names starting with the letter K.

Rabbit Names
An alphabetical list of user-submitted rabbit names starting with the letter P.

Rabbit Names
An alphabetical list of user-submitted rabbit names starting with the letter U.

Rabbit Show and Tell
Read what owners of rabbits have to say in their show and tells, or add your own opinion of your pet to help others pick a pet, cage, or diet.

The Easter Bunny
What do bunnies and chicks have to do with Easter? Should you get your child an Easter bunny for Easter? Should you get them an Easter chick? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

The Easter Bunny
What do rabbits have to do with easter? Find out where the story of the easter bunny came from.

2011 Year of the Rabbit
Every twelve years the Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the Rabbit. Find out more about 2011 year of the Rabbit.

UVB Rays and Rabbits
UVB Rays and Rabbits

Bunny Hutch - Rabbit House Options- Rabbit Hutches

There are many different kinds of rabbit houses. There are indoor bunny hutches, outdoor rabbit hutches, indoor rabbit cages, outdoor rabbit runs, and more. Take a look at these resources to figure out what kind of rabbit house is right for you and your pet rabbit.

Breeds of Rabbits
Learn about the 47 different breeds of pet rabbits.

Pocket Pets
Find out what pocket pets are and if one is the right pet for you.

Rabbit Photo Gallery
Photos of rabbits sent in by readers (and information about getting your bunny included!)

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