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Ten Rabbit Toys for Pet Rabbits


Rabbit toys are a great way to keep your rabbit active, exercised, and happy, especially when you aren't able to play with them.  Take a look at these ten rabbit toys that are sure to entertain your bunny.

1. Woven Grass Hide Away Hut

Your bunny can sit inside this little hide away, chew on the grass, and it is even safe to digest!  Some rabbits may even try to climb on it.

2. Maze Haven

You won't see anything like this!  If this were bigger I'd play in it!  A maze for your rabbit you can design, add stories, and watch your rabbit play in day after day.  You'll get as much fun out of from building it as your rabbit will playing in it.

3. Jumbo Willow Ball

Over half a foot in diameter, this ball is perfect for a multiple bunny household, or perhaps one large rabbit.  They can push it, chew it, or just run around it.

4. Rabbit Dumbbell With Apple

This wooden dumbbell comes with a wonderful apple for rabbits to nibble on.  Bunnies will love showing off their muscles when they throw this dumbbell around.

5. Rabbit Ring Toss

This toy is for flinging and chewing, or perhaps tugging around on the carpet.  Wooden disks, all strung on a rope provide a fun shape for your bunny to play with.

6. Activity Zone Play Center

This is the play center for the bunny who has everything else.  Also great for degus and chinchillas.  This is a raised wooden platform, large enough at 11 inches high to allow your pet to run under, go on top of, or just play around.  Ropes and wooden blocks add the excitement to this activity zone.

7. Critter Caves

If you don't have a cardboard tube big enough for your rabbit, try one of these fruit flavored tubes that your bunny can climb on.  Chewing, rolling, jumping over, and if they are small enough, going inside, are some of the things for your rabbit to do with this cave.

8. Vine Twist Stack

This isn't just for birds!  A hanging toy makes for a nice change in a rabbit's environment.  They can hit the bell with their nose, chew on the blocks, and get some exercise by standing on their hind legs.  Give it a try!

9. Cottontail Cottage

For multiple bunnies, or one bunny who likes some space.  This is three stories of double-wall, extra strong cardboard made for bunny fun.

10. Grassy Mat

This is the large size of this mat but it does come in smaller sizes.  Rabbits can chew on this mat, flip it around, or just take a break from their cage floor and pop a squat.

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