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Bunny Hutch or Rabbit Cage?


There are many different kinds of rabbit houses.  There are indoor bunny hutches, outdoor rabbit hutches, indoor rabbit cages, outdoor rabbit runs, and more.  Take a look at these resources to figure out what kind of rabbit house is right for you and your pet rabbit.

Choosing the Right Home for Your Rabbit

Photo © RabbitHouses.net

Information to help you choose the right kind of rabbit house, including how big, what kind, and whether or not to litter train.

Rabbit Hutches

Photo Courtesy Pricegrabber.com

Rabbit hutches are typically used outdoors.  Pet rabbits can stay outside in the hutch all year long if properly cared for.  Find out if a rabbit hutch is right for your pet rabbit.

Cleaning Rabbit Cages

Ringgo - Rabbit Picture
Photo © Meli

This is a great resource for when and how to clean rabbit cages and also provides some great tips.

How to Build a Rabbit Cage

photo of Speck's homemade rabbit cage
Photo © Lianne McLeod

Can't find quite what you are looking for in a rabbit cage?  Why not build your own?

Submit Your Rabbit Cage or Rabbit Hutch Idea

Opened latch on homemade rabbit cage
Photo © Lianne McLeod

Did you build your own rabbit cage or rabbit hutch?  Submit your "Show and Tell" here, or just review what others have already submitted.

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