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Alligator Mating Season

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Alligator Mating Season


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The alligator mating season runs from April through July.

What Happens?

Although alligators don't have any huge behavioral changes, some changes do occur during their mating season that pet owners should be aware of.

Males are more likely to become territorial during mating season. If multiple gators are kept together more confrontations will occur and you will hear their unmistakable bellow.

The Bellow

If you have ever seen or heard an alligator bellow, you'd know that it is an interesting thing. The alligator arches its back, raises its head and tail, and then you hear this long, roaring bellow. The sound produces underwater vibrations which create a unique appearance to the water. You can even feel the vibrations if standing on a boardwalk over the alligator that is bellowing.

What To Do

Be mindful of the fact that your alligator, especially if it is a male, is a bit hormonal for these few months. If you have a full grown alligator, or one that can cause you some serious harm, just keep your distance, especially if you have multiple alligators housed together. To be blunt, treat them as you would a cranky wife during her "special time of the month."

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