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Information about keeping the green iguana as a pet, including what to expect from a pet iguana, handling and taming iguanas, and links to the best iguana care information on the Web.

Green Iguanas
Find out the basics of pet green iguanas.

Iguanas as Pets
What to expect from a pet iguana.

Taming Iguanas
Iguanas can be a bit of a challenge to tame, but the effort is definitely worth it!

How to Trim Iguana Claws
Quick guide to keeping iguana claws trim, which will help make handling your iguana easier.

Metabolic Bone Disease in Reptiles
A serious but preventable disease that is usually a result of poor husbandry.

Top Three Books About Iguana Care
Three great books on caring for iguanas.

Book Review - "Iguanas for Dummies"
A review of Melissa Kaplan's book "Iguanas for Dummies." Find out why every iguana owner should consider adding this book to their library.

Green Iguana Care
An excellent, very detailed and large (350+ pages total) guide to all aspects of iguana care (PDF format). Well organized, excellent advice by Melissa Kaplan.

Iguana Care and Cost Sheet
By Carole Saucier, this page very briefly covers iguana care basics, but is handy as a reality check for the cost of all the supplies needed to properly care for an iguana.

Iguana Mailing List
Information on the list, including how to join the list and list archives.

Napoleon the Iguana
The story of Napoleon, from Tricia Power. This page covers Napoleons rehabilitation along with good information on iguana care, health concerns, and more including a good page on taming an aggressive iguana.

Pet Iguana Food
Pet iguana food is varied by feeding different veggies. Find out what your iguanas diet should include.

Calcium Phosphorous Ratios in Fruits and Vegetables
Finding fruits and vegetables with the appropriate calcium phosphorous ratios can be confusing. Use this simple list to keep your ratios where they should be for your exotic pet's needs.

Rehoming Exotic Pets
Rehoming exotic pets who have been found in the wild or who are no longer being taken care of properly is an increasing concern. Everyone agrees it isn't fair to kill these animals but what do we do with them?

Iguana Intestinal Blockage
Iguanas like to eat things that get stuck inside of them. Read up on this issue and learn how to avoid it from happening.

Femoral Pores
Learn about femoral pores in iguanas.

Iguana Lighting
Find out what types of lights your pet iguana needs.

Feeding Iguanas Leafy Green Vegetables
Learn about the greens you should be feeding your pet green iguana.

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