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Turtle/Tortoise Lover Gifts


Great Christmas, birthday, or other special occasion gifts for the turtle or tortoise lover in your life.

1. Turtle Diploma

This would make a great gift for any turtle enthusiast! What turtle owner wouldn't be happy to display their fictional "Master of Turtles Diploma from Turtle University?" The diplomas can be printed with a name specified when ordering.

2. Turtle and Hatchling Pothanger

This little figurine can be hung on the side of a plant pot or other item, and features a turtle with a hatchling on its back. Very cute.

3. Good Luck Turtle

Feng Shui turtle sculpture, said to symbolize wealth, longevity, strength and endurance. According to Feng Shui principles the good luck turtle should be placed in the north or east sector of your home or in an office by your side (parallel to you). Never place the good luck turtle directly in front of you or in the kitchen or bathroom. Treat it with respect, and the good luck turtle is said to bestow blessings on you. Choose maroon or green (shown in thumbnail).

4. "Slow Traffic"

An adorable sign - designed like a traffic sign, with a picture of a tortoise and the warning "slow traffic."

5. Tiny Turtle Trinket Box

The name of this item says it all - a small (2 inche by 1.5 inch) turtle box for your tiny treasures. Made of hand painted enamel with a magnetic closure and a shell adorned with green and blue crystals. Gift boxed for easy gift-giving.

6. Turtle Tape Dispenser

Cute and functional! This tape dispenser in the shape of a turtle (the shell holds the tape roll and the cutter is on the head) will help beautify any desk.

7. Turtle Note Pad Holder and Pen

Fun desk accessory: a turtle lying on its back holds your notepad as well as a carved turtle pen.

8. Plush Turtles

Super selection of soft stuffed turtles, perfect for any age!
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9. Dichroic Glass Turtle Necklace

Swirled dichroic glass (in a sterling silver setting) makes this turtle necklace colorful and gorgeous. 2" long x 1" high turtle suspended from a 26" long adjustable satin necklace, in a choice of colors (blue and green, orange and green, or purple and green).

10. 5 Turtle Netsuke

This whimsical Japanese sculpture is small but is intricately carved and features a group of 5 turtles.

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