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Gifts for Snake Lovers


There are plenty of snake gift options available for the snake lover in your life. Take a look at this list of gift ideas featuring snakes.

1. Gold Snake Necklace

This is a beautiful hand-made serpent necklace made with 18 kt gold over sterling silver.

2. Snakeskin Blanket

Many different designs and sizes available.  You can even submit your own photo!

3. Snake Socks

Socks with several different colored snakes.

4. Snake T-Shirts

Different snake shirts you won't find just anywhere.  Take a look at all the different styles available.

5. Ball Python Coaster

A play on words drink coaster for ball python lovers.

6. Snake Rings

Different snake rings for snake enthusiasts who enjoy a little sparkle.

7. Snake Tie

A hand silkscreened necktie featuring a lovely pink snake.

8. Snake Candles

Unique snake candles from the UK.

9. Snake Stretch Pouch Sling

This is perfect for the trendy snake-loving mother of a young child.

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