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File Folders Make Great Homemade Play Tubes for Your Pet Hamster
file folder and scissors

A file folder and pair of scissors is all you need!

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Hamsters (and many other small pets) love cardboard tubes. You can give them the inner rolls from toilet paper, paper towels, wrapping paper and other rolls, but some have concerns over the glues and adhesives on these items. You can also buy sturdy cardboard rolls marketed just for pets (Totaly Chewbular Play Tubes, Chubes, Critter Caves, etc.). These are wonderful products, but if you want to save money or need toy for a bored hamster quickly, why not try this idea? I originally spotted the tip on the Twin Squeaks Gerbils site and was inspired to try it out, and it works wonderfully! This project will take just a few minutes and provides easy entertainment for your pets!

All you need to get started is a file folder and a pair of scissors. To be safe, use file folders that are plain brown -- not colored.

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