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Goats and Sheep

Information on keeping goats and sheep as pets, especially pygmy and dwarf goats, and the care of pet goats along with photos and names for pet goats.

Pet Goat Pictures
Gallery of pet goat pictures submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Goats as Pets
Goats as pets? A look at the advantages of pet goats.

Pet Goat Names
Names for pet goats submitted by their owners (and information on how to have your goat names included too).

Feeding Pygmy Goats
By Dr. Ralph Bogart, an overview of the nutritional requirements of pygmy goats.

Goat 911
Site that lists experienced goat owners by region who are willing to take questions about your goat in an emergency situation.

From the Irvine Mesa Charros 4-H club, a good overview of goat care, with a section on pygmy goats.

The Kinder Goat Page
From the Kinder Goat Breeders Association, information on the association and kinder goats as a breed.

VPI Exotic Pet Insurance
Exotic pets, just like dogs and cats, get sick. Prepare for those expenses with exotic pet insurance. VPI is an insurer of exotic pets and offer plans for almost every type of exotic pets. Learn more here.

Sheep as Pets: Yahoo Discussion Group
PetSheep is an informal list for people who keep or raise pet sheep.

Sheep Make Great Pets. Ask Agnes
Read about Agnes, a pet sheep. As her owner points out, sheep are not dumb and can make lovely companions too.

Goat Breeds
Find a pet goat that is the best fit for you.

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