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Information about keeping of gerbils as pets including care and housing and common behavior in pet gerbils, gerbil pictures, and gerbil names.
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Choose a Healthy Gerbil
When choosing a gerbil, looking at a few simple things can help ensure that your new pet is a healthy one.

Gerbil Care
A look at the basics of gerbil care and characteristics.

Feeding Pet Gerbils
Components of a good diet for feeding pet gerbils

Gerbil Pictures
Gallery of pet gerbil pictures submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Gerbil Names
A collection of names given to pet gerbils submitted by gerbil owners.

Breeding Data for Mongolian Gerbils
Basic breeding data for gerbils, including age of maturity and length of pregnancy.

Gerbil Quiz
Test your knowledge of gerbils and their care with our gerbil quiz.

Gerbil Colour Palette
Shows colour variations as well as the genetics involved.  Can take a while to load due to the graphics but worth the wait.  Also available in German.

Little Rascals
Excellent Mongolian gerbil information including diet, housing, health, and behavior articles, along with coat colors, toys, and photos of the site owner's many gerbils.

The National Gerbil Society
Based in the U.K., this page has lots of gerbil information (FAQ, sexing gerbils, health, behavior, care, and more) as well as the society and show information.

Is a Gerbil the Right Pet for You?
What you nned to know about pet gerbils before choosing one as a pet.

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