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You may have heard the term "pocket pets" at a pet shop, read it in a book, heard it at your veterinarian, or while watching t.v., but what exactly are pocket pets and do they make good pets?

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  2. Hamsters and Gerbils
  3. Rabbits
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  1. Guinea Pigs
  2. Hedgehogs
  3. Sugar Gliders and Flying Squirrels
  4. Chinchillas and Degus

Pocket Pets

Degu in a Pocket

Find out exactly where pocket pets fit inside the exotic pet category and how to keep your pocket pet happy and healthy.

Hamsters and Gerbils

The most popular of pocket pets, the hamsters or gerbils are often the first pets a child has. But are they really the best pets for a child? Read all about hamsters and gerbils to find out.


Rabbits have wonderful personalities and live longer than hamsters and gerbils. They are sturdier for children than hamsters and don't typically bite.


You'd be amazed at how affectionate a rat can be. Being highly intelligent individuals, rats are a lot of fun to keep as pets.


Mouse on Skateboard - Getty Images

These may be one of smallest kinds of pocket pets, but don't dismiss these little rodents as pests quite yet. Plenty of people enjoy their unique personalities and train their mice to come when called. Perhaps a mouse is right for you?

Guinea Pigs

Also referred to as cavies, guinea pigs make an assortment of unique noises. Similar to a rabbit in care, the cavy is a great choice for a pet.


Hedgehog - Getty Images

Why would anyone want a spiky pet, you ask? Well, because they are so darn cute! Just one look at the little snout of a hedgehog and you'll know what I mean.

Sugar Gliders and Flying Squirrels

Not legal to keep in all states, sugar gliders and flying squirrels are pretty unique pets. Although they are very different, gliders and squirrels both share unique characteristics that set them apart from any other pocket pet.

Chinchillas and Degus

Winston - Chinchilla Picture

These pocket pets are known for their dust baths and unique looks. They have been growing in popularity in the pocket pet world but aren't for everyone. Find out if they are for you!

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