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Albino Burmese Python


Albino Burmese Python Picture

Albino Burmese Python

Photo © 2006 Lianne McLeod, Licensed to About.com, Inc.
Fear of snakes is quite common. There are some snakes that warrent a healthy dose of caution, of course, but a lot of pet snakes are really very nice and don't mind being handled. The right snake can be a great pet, and they are pretty low maintenance as they only need a meal every week or two (sometimes even less). The key is getting the right snake.

The snake pictured above is an albino Burmese python. Burmese pythons are readily available but grow up to be huge snakes. This is one of the snakes that need a healthy dose of caution, so think twice (or more) before getting one as a pet. Though Burmese pythons are generally quite docile, they are incredibly strong, and it just takes a single mistake in handling them (especially at feeding time when they are hungry) to have disastrous results. Sadly, increasing numbers of Burmese pythons are being dumped by owners who can't handle them anymore (in fact, they appear to have become quite established in the Florida Everglades, and are preying on native species).

However, there are several other kinds of snakes that make delightful pets. For more on pet snakes see:

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