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Some people might find the creatures within this gallery a bit creepy, or maybe even downright scary! Some people develop phobias about some of the creatures here, although they all make pretty good pets in their own special ways.

Just a note: this is just for fun, and I mean no offense whatsoever to owners of these kinds of pets or their companions. Just remember, one person's dream pet might be someone else's nightmare! And for the record, I wouldn't hesitate to keep any of these pets -- with one exception (my own personal phobia!).

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Tarantula pictureWhite Knee Tarantula Giant Millipedes - PictureGiant MillipedesHissing Cockroaches - PictureHissing CockroachesGiant African Land Snails - PictureGiant African Land Snails
Emperor Scorpion PictureEmperor Scorpion Oriental Fire Bellied Newt PictureFire Bellied NewtAlbino Burmese Python PictureAlbino Burmese PythonMaisy - Mouse PhotoMouse
Stick Insects PictureStick Insects
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