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Hol-ee Roller by JW Pet Company

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The Bottom Line

Finding toys for your exotic pet can be difficult. The selection of toys made for your particular species of animal is most likely lacking. The Holee-Roller is a great toy made for dogs or birds that can also be used for a number of other types of animals in a number of ways.

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  • Easy to stuff toys and treats into because of the stretch of the rubber
  • Rubber texture is a nice change from wood and hard plastic toys
  • Holds up well to small chewing teeth
  • Large enough holes for a small pet to climb into
  • Many sizes and colors to choose from


  • Choosing the incorrect size could be harmful to small pets if they were to get stuck in the holes
  • Rubber is not durable enough for heavy chewers and large teeth to chew


  • Manufactured by JW Pet Company
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Ball toy used to bounce, put treats into, have small teeth chew on, or climb on
  • Many colors and sizes including a bird variety are available

Guide Review - Hol-ee Roller by JW Pet Company

The Hol-ee Roller is bouncy and fairly difficult to destroy. These balls are not made solely to be a chew toy but do hold up pretty well against gerbil, sugar glider, and other small animal teeth. Wood blocks and sticks fit easily into the large holes of the Hol-ee Roller, offering another opportunity for rodents to trim their teeth. Birds, sugar gliders and flying squirrels love to hang from the ball and mice and hamsters enjoy crawling inside of the ball.

How Big Are They?

There are several sizes to choose from, including one designed for a bird that comes with a chain to hang it on a cage. The other sizes were found in the dog section at the pet store, but I used them for critters other than dogs. Fennec foxes, rabbits and ferrets would love playing with this toy. It is unique and has many possibilities for many different species.

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