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Information on a variety of geckos kept as pets, including the care of leopard geckos, fat tailed geckos, day geckos, and tokay geckos.
  1. Leopard Geckos (10)
  2. Crested Geckos (1)
  3. White-line Geckos (1)
  4. House Geckos (1)
  5. African Fat-Tailed Geckos (1)
  6. Golden Geckos (1)
  7. Tokay Geckos (1)
  8. Madagascar Ground Geckos (2)

Gecko Tail Loss
Geckos can drop their tails as a defense to get away when something grabs their tail. What happens when a gecko drops its tail, and will the tail grow back?

Guide to Geckos
A look at the basics of common geckos kept as pets, from your About.com guide.

Day Geckos
General profile and care of the group of geckos collectively known as day geckos.

Gecko Femoral Pores
Learn about geckos and femoral pores.

Leopard Gecko Eyes
Leopard gecko eyes can be hurt or develop issues. Find out how to identify a problem with your leopard gecko's eyes.

Supplies for Leopard Geckos
A list of supplies for leopard geckos.

Fat-Tailed Geckos
Profile and care sheet for the fat-tailed gecko.

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