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Pet Frog Prolapse

What It Is And How To Avoid It


Pet Frog Prolapse

American Green Tree Frog

Photo © Flickr user trishcoxe

It's a scary thing to see a reddish, pink, and moist bulge coming from the rear end of your pet

Pet frogs prolapse their cloaca for a number of reasons. More often than not, a lack of calcium in their bones causes them to prolapse. Not having enough calcium can be from malnutrition (their diet), or not having enough, or any, UVB rays in a habitat.

Since calcium makes bones strong, bones become soft and pliable when there isn't enough calcium in them. Therefore, if the pelvis is soft enough, a frog will prolapse because the bones aren't strong enough to keep everything that should be inside, inside.

Having said this, it is important to gut load crickets, dust the crickets with a calcium and vitamin d3 supplement if there isn't any in the gut load, and provide appropriate UVB lighting for your pet frog.

Of course there are other reasons why a pet frog can prolapse. Being infected with parasites is another common reason why your pet frog will strain and prolapse their cloaca.

A cloaca is an opening similar to the rectum and reproductive openings in mammals, except that the cloaca is the only opening in a frog's body.

Be sure to speak with your exotic pet veterinarian regarding the appropriate care for your pet frog to avoid your frog from prolapsing.

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