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Finches as Pets

Information on keeping finches as pets, including different species of finch and care of pet finches.
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Zebra Finches
Small, beautiful, active birds that make great pets for someone who likes birds but doesn't have time for the social interaction that a parrot demands. These little birds need the company of other finches so plan on getting a pair, and you'll need a decent sized cage so they can fly. Find out what else you need to know about zebra finches in this article.
Exotic Finches Infocenter
Good source for basic information on many species of finches. Very comprehensive photo collection.
Finch World
Finches have delighted bird keepers for centuries. Interesting features. Serves as a portal to many finch and soft bill sites.
Taming Finches
There is nothing quite so delightful as a tame finch. Delight and amaze your friends!
The Entrancing Varieties of Finches
Nice overview of this diverse group of birds.

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