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Ferret Gifts

Gifts for Ferret Lovers


Try a creative gift featuring ferrets for the ferret lover on your list.

1. Ferret University Diploma

Does your ferret lover think they know everything there is to know about ferrets?  Get them a fun (but fake) diploma from the Ferret University so they can prove their smarts.

2. Ferret Calendar

An adorable 2011 calendar filled with cute ferret pictures.  Who can't use a calendar - especially when it is filled with weasels!?

3. Ferret Return Address Labels

These will let everyone know how much your ferret lover enjoys ferrets.  The perfect personalized, usable gift for anyone!

4. Custom Embroidered Ferret Towels

Choose the "Ferret's Nest" design to create a custom ferret gift.  These are perfect for a kitchen or bath!

5. Albino Ferret and Elf Bag

An artsy, fantasy style cotton tote bag with whimsical characters.

6. Ferret Tie

Self-explanatory.  A ferret tie full of ferret faces!  This will let everyone at the office know how awesome your ferret lover thinks ferrets are.

7. Ferret Dog Shirt

Have a ferret AND dog lover on your list? This is a perfect gift for them!  A t-shirt for a pet dog stating how much they love ferrets!

8. Ferrets Rock Hat

A hat that says "Ferrets Rock" that even Ashton Kutcher would be proud to wear.  Trucker style!

9. Ferret Freak Bumper Sticker

Give a gift that lets your ferret-loving friend express themselves on their car.

10. Got Ferrets? T-Shirt

T-shirts come in several colors and feature the "got ferrets?" slogan. 

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