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The Tame Siberian Pet Fox



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When people think of a pet fox they usually picture a red fox or perhaps the tiny fennec fox. But after they see the foxes from Sibfox, they will picture a different type of pet fox - the tame Siberian pet fox.


The Las Vegas, Nevada based company that acts as a liaison and distributor of tame Siberian pet foxes is Sibfox. Sibfox distributes their tame foxes from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics in Novosibirsk, Russia and are the official distributors of the tame Siberian pet fox.

The company has Russian speaking team members and work directly with the fox farm in Russia to distribute the foxes to North American homes.

Sibfox buys the tame Siberian foxes (also known as silver domesticated foxes or Belyaev's Experiment) from the breeder in Russia and then has a contractual agreement with the buyer in North America. This contract requires the buyer to maintain proper health, recommends taking the pet fox to dog obedience classes, guarantees the fox to be neutered at time of receipt, and goes over other responsibilities and agreements.

The Tame Siberian Pet Fox

The Institute of Cytology and Genetics has developed these tame pet foxes through long-term selection and breeding for behavior. Over 50 years have been dedicated to this study and to the development of this domesticated pet fox.

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