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Keeping Falcons and Other Raptors

Information on keeping falcons and other raptors and the sport of falconry.
Articles & Resources
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Kodak Birdcam
Information about Kodak's Birdcam, which follows the yearly nesting of a pair of peregrine falcons on the Kodak Tower in NY. Kodak's Bircam site includes lots of photos and information about falcons.
American Falconry Magazine
A magazine that is devoted entirely to the sport of falconry and is produced by practicing falconers.
Falconry Canada
A good resource about falconry with some excellent pictures (focus is on the sport in British Columbia, Canada).
Very comprehensive information on falconry, resources, clubs, and directory of personal falconry pages.
North American Falconers Association
Dedicated  to the welfare of raptors (birds of prey) in nature and in their careful employment in the sport of falconry.
North Woods Falconry Equipment
Everything you need for falconry.

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