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Doves and Pigeons as Pets

Information about keeping doves and pigeons as pets and the proper care of doves and pigeons.
Articles & Resources
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American Dove Association
Official site and newsletter of this group. Good coverage of basics of keeping doves.
Interbug Homing Pigeon Information
Information about racing and homing pigeons, as well as some history on the use of homers as messengers. Hosts an archive of a pigeon mailing list and an interactive database of pigeon fanciers.
Dove Housing
Basic information on how best to house pet doves.
National Pigeon Association
America's foremost all breed pigeon club, the NPA has served the pigeon fancy for over seventy-five years and provides leadership and service throughout the country.
Dove Page
Very informative site for both beginners and experienced keepers of doves.
Doves (Ringneck)
Basic profile and care information for ring necked doves.
Racing Pigeon Digest
Premiere publication for those interested in racing pigeons.
Homing Pigeons
General profile and care information about homing pigeons.

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