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Pet Bird Nutrition, Diet, and Recipes

Information on feeding your pet bird, including basic bird nutrition, appropriate diets for different species, getting birds to try new foods, and recipes for birds.

Introducing New Foods to Picky Birds
Offering a wide variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and other human foods in addition to a quality formulated diet and some seeds is key to providing pet birds with a nutritious, balanced, and interesting diet. Some birds may be reluctant to try new foods, though, and these tips might help you get your birds to try some new foods.

Parrot Nutrition 101
Although it is difficult to consider all the nutritional needs of all the different species of parrots, the same basic principles of diet management apply to almost all parrots and parakeets. Lories and lorikeets are the most striking exception to the general rules, and their needs are covered here along with general principles to apply to your parrot's eating habits, and what foods to avoid.

Switching Pet Birds from Seed to Pellets
Formulated diets (pellets) should make up part (but not all) of the diet for most pet birds, but many birds are less than enthusiastic about switching to pellets. With patience and persistence almost any bird will eventually accept a formulated diet, although the transition to pellets may take a few weeks or a few months. Here are some strategies to help smooth the transition.

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