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Cockatiels as pets

Information on keeping cockatiels as pets including what to expect from a pet cockatiel, cockatiel color variations, and care and feeding of cockatiels.
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Cockatiels as Pets
A profile of the cockatiel, a popular little parrot that generally has a docile and charming personality. Find out more about cockatiels and keeping them as pets here.
Top Books about Caring for Cockatiels
There are many books available about cockatiels - here are my picks for the best in basic care.
Cockatiel Cottage
General information of cockatielc are, diet, health, behavior, breeding and more, with over 200 photographs of pet birds.
American Cockatiel Society
Dedicated to educating the public about this popular parrot. Very thorough site.
National Cockatiel Society
Non-profit organization dedicated to providing information on the proper care, handling, maintenance and breeding of cockatiels.
North American Cockatiel Society
A society formed for the education of the pet cockatiel owner and breeder. Care tips and a great genetics section including photos of different color variations.
Pacific Crest: The Cockatiel Resource
Good basic information on keeping cockatiels. Discussion forum also available for asking "crestions".

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