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Ohio Exotic Pet Rescue Groups

Exotic Pet Rescue Organizations


There are a number of Ohio exotic pet rescue groups, organizations and societies.  Some groups focus on one animal species, while others take in anything in need of a home.  Take a look at this list of Ohio rescue groups to aid in your search for your next exotic pet.

Ferret Rescue Groups

Simone - Ferret Picture
Photo © Erin D.

Chinchilla Rescue Groups

Hunter S. Rat - Black Velvet Chinchilla Picture
Photo © Tonya

Skunk Rescue Groups

Photo courtesy of Alysha Roszak
  • SkunkHaven/American Domestic Skunk Association of Ohio

Guinea Pig Rescue Groups

Jake - Guinea Pig Picture
Photo © Alicia Sheppard

Hedgehog Rescue Groups

Genie - African Pygmy Hedgehog
Photo © 2006 Lianne McLeod, Licensed to About.com, Inc.

Tarantula Rescue Groups

Rosey - Tarantula Picture

Sugar Glider Rescue Groups

Mickey -n- Minnie - Sugar Gliders Picture
Suzie Neal

Other Exotic Pet Rescue Groups

  • Blue Sky Chinchilla (accepts rats and degus
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