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What are the Exotic Pets WoW Offers?


What are the Exotic Pets WoW Offers?

Spirit Beast

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Question: What are the Exotic Pets WoW Offers?
The exotic pets WoW offers are a bit different then the real exotic pets we keep, but just like real exotic pets, the exotic pets WoW has are gaining in popularity.

This phrase doesn't mean "Wow - Look at all the exotic pets!" like I initially thought. In fact, WoW stands for World of Warcraft which is a multi-player, online, role-playing game. In this game exotic pets are becoming popular, just as they are in real life.

Unusual Pets

Don't go looking for sugar gliders and coati in WoW. Instead, expect to find things like "Chimaera" and "Devilsaur" kept as pets. There are apparently a total of seven exotic pets available to hunter class of WoW players with the Patch 3.0.2.

The Pets

  • Chimaera - It is referred to as a "mythical mish-mash of different animals."
  • Core Hound - A double-headed, huge dog creature.
  • Devilsaur - Basically a T-rex.
  • Silithid - A spider-like creature with tiny wings.
  • Worm - A colorful caterpillar/worm creature.
  • Rhino - A large rhinocerous who enjoys eating things like cheese and fungus.
  • Spirit Beast - It is similar to a saber tooth tiger, on steroids.
  • Now some of these look like exotic pets that we see in the real world, but I think all seven of these WoW exotic pets can stay in their world. I see no use for Devilsaur - Jurassic Park already showed us why.

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