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Resources for Exotic Pet Owners

What you need to know before making the decision to get an exotic pet, including factors to consider when choosing an exotic pet, beginner's guides to choosing the right pet, and other considerations such as choosing a vet, where to get a per, finding a pet sitter, and picking a name!
  1. Where to Get an Exotic Pet (1)
  2. Exotic Pet Laws (16)
  3. Health and Safety Issues (86)
  4. Ethical Issues (10)
  5. Pet Pictures and Pet Names (7)
  6. General Resources (88)

Show and Tell
Not sure which pet is best for you? Read what owners of your pet of interest have to say in their show and tells, or add your own opinion of your pet.

Top 5 Exotic Pets for Kids
There are many suitable pets for kids available, but some are much better choices than others. Consider this list, and what you are looking for in a pet before making a decision on an exotic pet for your child.

Top 10 Animals That Should Not Be Kept as Pets
A list of the top ten animals that are better left in the wild or in zoos.

Exotic Pets for Apartment Living
Because many exotic pets are compact and quiet (and don't need to go out for walks) they can be a good choice if you live in an apartment. Always check your tenant or homeowner's agreements, however, to find out what pets are permitted and which are prohibited. If pets are usually not allowed, you may be able to get an exception for an unobtrusive exotic pet -- but if this is the case, always g…

Wild Animals as Pets
Keeping wild animals as pets can be quite appealing, but it is important to remember that keeping a wild animal as a pet is associated with many potential problems, not to mention ethical issues. Keeping any of these species requires a great deal of research and preparation, as well as provision of ideal housing and diet as well as medical care (which may be very difficult to find). For the most …

Top 10 Creepy Pets
Creepy crawly pets are critters that have the potential to bring out phobias in many people. However, every kind of pet on this list makes a good pet if matched with the right owner. Be warned though: the pets on this list may surprise, shock, or even scare some of your family and friends!

Resolutions for Responsible Exotic Pet Ownership
A list of resolutions that will help make exotic pet owners responsible pet owners, including carefully choosing and preparing for exotic pets.

Choosing an Exotic Pet - What to Consider
The decision to get an exotic pet should never be taken lightly. People choose exotic pets for a variety of reasons but it is important to carefully examine the reasons, consider all the factors involved in providing a life time of care for your pet, and learn as much as possible about the pet before bringing it home!

Common Mistakes of New Exotic Pet Owners
Some of the most common mistakes and problems faced by new exotic pet owners.

Best Exotic Pets for Kids
My picks for the best pets for kids with pros and cons.

Choosing an Insect or Spider as a Pet
Insects and spiders can be fascinating to watch. They are extremely quiet, clean pets that do not need much room to live. Insects and spiders also require little attention or socialization (in fact, they generally do best with little interaction). Still, choosing the right insect or spider for the right reasons is very important.

Choosing a Pet Bird
Things you need to consider before you buy a pet bird of any type.

Exotic Pets A to Z
Want to find out more about the care of a species you are interested in having as a pet? Here's an index to all the species featured here at About Exotic Pets.

Where to Get an Exotic Pet
A comparison of different sources of exotic pets, including pet stores, rescues or shelters, breeders, or the classified ads or acquaintance.

Finding a Pet Sitter
When your pets tend to the exotic side, finding someone to care for them while you are away can be a real challenge. Your usual pet sitters may not be so keen on handling more unusual pets (or their food, depending on the pet!). Before you commit to a life with your pet, make sure you will be able to find someone to look after your pet when you can't.

Pocket Pets
You may have heard the term "pocket pet" at a pet shop, in a book, at your veterinarian, or while watching t.v., but what exactly are pocket pets and do they make good pets?

Finding a Veterinarian for Your Exotic Pet
Getting an exotic pet can be a big mistake if you cannot find a vet to provide the medical care your pet may need. You must find a vet who is willing to see exotic pets, knows about exotics, and has the facilities to treat them. Always develop a good working relationship with an exotic animal vet before you desperately find yourself needing one in an emergency.

Most Popular Pages About Exotic Pets - 2006
The most popular About Exotic Pet Pages from 2006, based on the pieces viewed most by our readers.

Most Viewed Care Guides - 2006
Top care sheets from About Exotic Pets based on the most often viewed care guides for 2006.

Care Guides for a Variety of Exotic Pets
Because exotic pets often have very particular or unique needs, it is important to learn the basics of providing proper care for the exotic pet of your choosing. Included in A-Z Animals are care sheets, or guides, to the care of a variety of different kinds of exotics.

Exotic Pets
Find out what animals are considered to be exotic pets and why.

What are the Exotic Pets WoW Offers?
Even video games love exotic pets! Take a look at the exotic pets WoW (World of Warcraft) has to offer.

Best Exotic Pet
What is the best exotic pet?See submissions

Pick a Pet
Get help picking the right pet for you.

Delaware Exotic Pet Rescue Groups
There are a number of Delaware exotic pet rescue groups, organizations and societies. Some groups focus on one animal species, while others take in anything in need of a home. Take a look at this list of Delaware rescue groups to aid in your search for your next exotic pet. Check back for updates!

Michigan Exotic Pet Rescue Groups
There are a number of exotic pet rescue groups in Michigan. Some focus on many different exotic pets while others only take in and adopt out certain species. Consider rescuing before buying from a breeder!

Rhode Island Exotic Pet Rescues

There are a number of Rhode Island exotic pet rescue groups, organizations and societies. Some groups focus on one animal species, while others take in anything in need of a home. Take a look at this list of Rhode Island rescue groups to aid in your search for your next exotic pet.

Exotic Pet Popularity Through History
Learn what kinds of exotic pets have been popular through history.

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