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Run About Ball

Run About Ball

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The Bottom Line

Generally, I consider Run About Balls a novelty item and not essential or necessarily recommended for small pets. Hamsters and mice may enjoy running around in one of these balls, though you need to used them under supervision and for short periods (even though they are ventilated overheating is a concern). Guinea pigs should not be given a run about ball (or a wheel) as they are not built for running in balls or on wheels. Other animals (my rats included) seem to find them confining and confusing and do not use them or struggle to get out. For my rats, the Super Pet Run About Ball was a waste of money.
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  • Gives variety for exercise
  • Some animals, especially hamsters, seem to really like run about balls


  • Difficult to clean
  • Lid not very sturdy
  • Watch for overheating
  • Some animals do not enjoy them and will not use them (and some should not use them)


  • Plastic ball with twist lock door for access
  • Many colors available
  • Many sizes available. Make sure you get an appropriate size.

Guide Review - Super Pet Run About Ball

Run About Balls are cute can be a fun way to give your small pet some variety when it comes to exercise. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hamster owners often report that their hamsters love their Run About Balls, but reviews from other pet owners are mixed. As noted above, they are never appropriate for guinea pigs.

I worry about overheating; even though the balls are ventilated with slits they are still very enclosed spaces. It also seems to me that the balls would be frustrating to the animal inside them. Even for pets that figure out how to get around in the wheel and move about with intention (my rats never got the hang of it), I wonder how it must feel for them to move around but never quite get to what they are after because there is a plastic wall in the way.

On a more practical level, one of the locking tabs that holds the end cover in place broke off within days of getting my ball, so I had to tape the door shut to use the ball. I've also heard reports of the lids popping off during use. Additionally, the shape of the balls makes them difficult to clean well (I had the mega size which was very unwieldy to try to clean out and the two halves where held together by several screws). My rats, who never rolled around in the ball and stayed in it for only very short periods of time, inevitably urinated and defecated in the ball.

If you choose to use one of these ball, do so only under supervision. Make sure your pet does not roll down any stairs, and that other pets do not chase your pet in the ball. Use the ball for only short periods of time. Also choose a large enough size: your pet should be able to stand in the ball without having to arch their backs downwards to run in the ball. Overall, I think there are better ways to give your pets exercise.

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