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Information about keeping fancy rats as pets, including care of pet rats, rat cages, and more.
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Rat Submission - Behavior of Pet Rats
Some animals are dominant and aggressive, while others are submissive and passive. Find out what behaviors, sounds and signs your pet is showing to tell whether or not they are showing animal submission.

Rat Show and Tell
Read what owners of rats have to say in their show and tells, or add your own opinion of your pet to help others pick a pet, cage, or diet.

Pet Rat Pictures
Gallery of Pictures of Lianne's pet rats Loki, Ventura and Ace.

Rat Pictures
Gallery of pet rat pictures submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Can I Litter Train My Pet Rats?
Advice on litter training pet rats.

Rat Basics
Basic facts about fancy rats.

Caring for Pet Rats
Information on caring for pet rats, including the characteristics of rats as pets.

Gambian Giant Rats
Gambian Giant rats are quite different than their domestic fancy rat cousins - find out about their personalities and care in this article.

Feeding Pet Rats
Components of a good diet for pet rats includes food designed for rats as well as some fresh healthy food choices.

Pet Rats and Urine Marking
Why rats leave little drops of urine as they walk about.

Bumblefoot in Rats
Information about bumblefoot in rats, possible causes and ways to help prevent bumblefoot.

Pet Rat Pictures
Continuation of gallery of pet rat photos submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Pet Rat Names
Names for pet rats, submitted by their owners.

Rat Teeth
Learn all about your pet rat's teeth!

Rat and Mouse Club of America
Information on membership in this club for mice and rat owners.

Rat Fan Club
Aimed at the pet rat enthusiast, this site has information on the club and membership as well as useful rat information.

Brag About Your Pet Rat
Rats are at the top of the list when it comes to smart pets. Tell us why your pet is so smart. See submissions

Are Pet Rats Right for You?
What you need to know about pet rats before choosing a rat as a pet.

Rat Toy Ideas
Are you looking for the perfect rat toy for your pet rat? Are you having a hard time knowing what he or she may or may not enjoy? Check out this list for some ideas of a rat toy your rat might like.

Pet Rat Lice
Learn how to prevent and treat lice in pet rats.

Pet Rat Breathing Problems
Learn all about why pets rats can have breathing problems.

Rat Tumors
Rats often get lumps and bumps but are they serious?

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