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Can a Pair of Male Mice Live Together?


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Question: Can a Pair of Male Mice Live Together?
More information: a pair of male mice that lived together at the pet store were brought home. One proceeded to attack the other, eventually drawing blood, at which point the mice were separated. The question arose if they could ever live together, for example if they had a larger cage.
Answer: Keeping two male mice together is a situation that may or may not work out, so unless an owner is prepared to house them individually it may be best not to try. My usual warning is having male mice live together can sometimes work if they are litter mates and /or are raised together, have never been separated, and have a large enough cage. However, male mice can be territorial and sometimes will not get along, even under these circumstances.

In a scenario such as the one here, where fighting has become an issue serious enough to draw blood, spearating the mice was the correct course of action becasue the fighting can escalate resulting in serious injuries (or worse). Furthermore, once male mice have been separated for any length of time, I would not recommend trying to put them together again.

Sometime male mice can be pals, but sometimes they just won't get along no matter what you do.

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