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Information about keeping fancy mice as pets including choosing a pet mouse and the care of pet mice.
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Taming and Handling Pet Mice
Tips about handling pet mice and some steps you can take to tame mice and get them used to being held.

Caring for Mice
A look at why mice make good pets, and how to care for them.

Can a Pair of Male Mice Live Together?
Answers the question of whether a pair of male mice can get along and live together.

Are Mice Good Pets for Young Children?
Mice as pets for young children.

Can I Litter Train My Pet Mice?
Advice on litter training pet mice.

Toys for Pet Mice
A selection of toys suitable for pet mice

Pet Mouse Pictures
Gallery of pet fancy mice photos submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Names for Pet Mice
Names for pet mice submitted by their owners (and how to get your names included).

My Mouse Had Babies! What Should I Do?
What you should do if your mouse unexpectedly has a litter of babies (pups).

Breeding Data for Fancy Mice
Basic breeding data for fancy mice, including age of maturity and length of pregnancy.

Wood Shavings - Problems, Choices, and Alternatives
Cedar and pine shavings are a commonly available pet care product, but can be harmful to the pets for which they are intended. Here's why they are best avoided and some possible alternatives.

Spiny Mice
By Russell Tofts, a nice introduction to pet spiny mice and their care.

Zebra Mice
A good introduction to pet zebra mice by Matthew Wright; includes introduction to species, housing, feeding and more.

Rat and Mouse Club of America
Information on membership in this club for mice and rat owners.

VPI Exotic Pet Insurance
Exotic pets, just like dogs and cats, get sick. Prepare for those expenses with exotic pet insurance. VPI is an insurer of exotic pets and offer plans for almost every type of exotic pets. Learn more here.

Mouse Teeth
Your mouse has four teeth that grow throughout their entire lives. Learn more about these interesting incisors!

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