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Box Turtles

Resources about keeping box turtles as pets, including the care of pet box turtles.

Help! My New Box Turtle is Not Eating - What Should I Do?
What to do with a new three toed box turtle that is not eating

Box Turtles - Species Introduction
An introduction to some different species of box turtles you can find as pets as well as important differences between them.

Eastern Box Turtle - Care of Pet Eastern Box Turtles
Description and brief care guide to eastern box turtles

Gulf Coast Box Turtle - Care of Pet Gulf Coast Box Turtles
Description and brief care guide to Gulf Coast box turtles

Ornate Box Turtles - Care of Pet Box Turtles
Description and quick care guide to ornate box turtles

Outdoor Housing for Box Turtles - Building a Box Turtle Pen
Box turtles unquestionably do best if kept in a large outdoor pen rather than an indoor terrarium. Here are some tips on setting up an outdoor pet for pet box turtles.

Feeding Pet Box Turtles - Appropriate foods for box turtles in captivity
Appropriate foods for the captive diet of pet box turtles

Box Turtles
From your About.com guide, an article on the basics of box turtles as pets.

Baby Box Turtles
Information on housing and feeding baby box turtles, by by Felice Rood.

Box Turtle Care A - Z
By Tess Cook, a thorough, well organized care guide. Touches on various species.

Box Turtles
Good article on the care of several species of box turtles, including sections on selecting a turtle and conservation issues, by Melissa Kaplan.

Care of Box Turtles
From the California Turtle and Tortoise Club - a care guide aimed at keeping North american box turtles outdoors. Includes sections on breeding and health.

Three Toed Box Turtles
Some characteristics and care information on this species, from the Tortoise Trust.

Asian Box Turtles
Find out how to properly care for semi-aquatic Asian box turtles.

Feeding Tortoises and Turtles Leafy Green Vegetables
Find out what fresh greens are best to feed your pet tortoise or land turtle.

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