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Do Turtle Shells Peel?


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Red Eared Slider

Lianne McLeod
Question: Do Turtle Shells Peel?
I have red eared sliders. I saw today where one's shell is peeling. Is this growth or is there something he needs?
Answer: The outer layer of the scutes can peel off as part of the growth process. This is normal, as long as it is thin, almost transparent layers coming off. The peeling scutes should reveal shell that looks and feels normal.

When Peeling Indicates a Problem
It is important to determine if the shell under peeling scutes looks normal. Anytime the shell looks deformed, red, bone is exposed, or the shell feels soft or spongy, there is a problem and medical advice should be sought as quickly as possible. Also, if your turtle is continuously shedding scutes, or the scutes are peeling but not falling completely off, you should see a vet.

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