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Aquatic Turtles

Resources about keeping semi-aquatic turtles (sometimes called basking turtles) as pets, including the care of turtles such as pet red eared sliders.

Red-Eared Slider Housing
A basic guide for red-eared slider housing.

Red-Eared Slider Burns
Red-Eared Slider burns are scary and can be very serious if not treated. Find out what can happen, and what you can do for Red-Eared Slider burns.

Cascade Internal Filters by Penn-Plax
A review of the Cascade Internal Filter by Penn-Plax

African Side-Neck Turtles
Find out how to care for African Side-Neck turtles.

6 Things You Should Know About Red Eared Sliders
Turtles can make lovely pets -- but you have to know what you are getting into. Those cute little hatchlings you see for sale will grow into large, long-lived and somewhat messy turtles. Here are 6 things you should know about red eared sliders before deciding on getting one as a pet.

Red Eared Slider Care - Tank and Supplies
Red eared sliders are not difficult to care for, but it is important to choose a tank that is big enough, and provide sufficient water, a basking area, water filtration, and appropriate heat and light in order to keep your turtle happy and healthy.

Choose a Healthy Red Eared Slider
Reptiles in the pet trade are prone to being very stressed and sometimes ill. Here's some tips for what to look for when picking out a pet red eared slider.

Why Does the Water in My Turtle Tank Turn Green?
Turtle tanks, like aquariums, are prone to growing algae. While algae isn't particularly harmful to the turtle, the underlying causes excessive algae growth should be addressed, as it is often related to other water quality issues.

How Can I Get My Red Eared Slider to Bask?
Basking, to the point of getting thoroughly dried off, is important to red eared sliders. Here's some help on getting reluctant turtles to use their basking spot.

Keeping The Water in Your Turtle Tank Clean
Let's face it, red eared sliders can be messy. Keeping their tanks clean and their water quality high can be a real challenge, but there are ways to make keeping the tank clean easier.

Do Turtle Shells Peel?
Answer in response to a question I am asked frequently about feeding red eared sliders, especially young turtles.

Red Eared Sliders Fluttering their Claws
red eared sliders fluttering their claws

What Fluttering Claws Means in Red Eared Sliders
Why turtles sometimes flutter their claws around the heads of other turtles.

What are Salmonella-Free Turtles? Are They a Good Option?
A look at whether "Salmonella Free" turtles are a safer option as a pet.

Aquatic Turtles
The keeping of aquatic and semi aquatic turtles as pets, such as red eared sliders and more.

Aquatic Turtles and Outdoor Ponds
Information and tips about keeping aquatic turtles such as red eared sliders in outdoor ponds

Red Eared Sliders
These beautiful turtles with the red streaks on the sides of their head are commonly available as pets. Because they are often sold as hatchlings, owners are sometimes surprised to find out how big they get, and how much care they truly need. Find out what to expect from a red eared slider, the equipment you'll need to care for one, and what kind of care they need in this red eared slid…

Feeding Red Eared Sliders - What to Feed
Answer in response to a question I am asked frequently about feeding red eared sliders, especially young turtles.

Feeding Red Eared Sliders - How Much and How Often
How much and mow often to feed red eared sliders and other aquatic turtles

Feeding Red Eared Sliders - How to Feed
How to go about feeding your red eared slider or other aquatic turtle.

Sexing Red Eared Slider Turtles
Determining if a red eared slider turtle is male or female: sexing red eared sliders

At What Age do Red Eared Sliders Reach Sexual Maturity
The age or size at which red eared sliders become sexually mature.

An Overview of Common Semi Aquatic Turtles
Covering the very basics of turtle care as well as a look at the various species available in the pet trade.  By David T. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

Austin's Turtle Page
Great site with lots of detailed information on the care of a variety of turtle species.

Basic Care For Semi Aquatic Turtles
From Aquatics Unlimited - brief guidelines for care (housing and feeding) of aquatic turtles in general.

Building a Pond
Setting up an outdoor pond for your turtles, from Diane Levine/California Turtle & Tortoise Club.

David Kirkpatrick's Turtle Articles
Wide range of turtle care topics especially about aquatic turtles, including the introductory article listed above along with information on constructing a tank, basic care, and several species information sheets including Reeve's turtle, mud and musk turtles, and more.

On Feeding Turtles: When and How Much?
Basic guidelines on feeding (and preventing obesity in) turtles, but no details by species.  From David T. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D.

Red Eared Sliders
An excellent article on the care of these popular turtles, especially housing, feeding and acclimatization by Melissa Kaplan.

Soft-Shelled Turtles
A brief introduction to the unusual soft-shelled turtle, by Melissa Kaplan.

Turtle Care
Huge number of articles and information on turtles(plain text), by Valerie Haecky.

Water Turtle Care Sheet
Basic care information including indoor and outdoor housing, and a little bit on medical concerns, from the California Turtle and Tortoise Club.

Painted Turtles
Learn the basics of pet painted turtle care.

Diamondback Terrapins
Find out how to care for a pet diamondback terrapin.

Mud Turtles
Care guide for pet mud turtles.

Softshell Turtles
Basic care guide for pet softshell turtles.

Red-Eared Slider Care Sheet
Information on the basic care of pet red eared sliders, including diet and how to set up and maintain the tank.

Mississippi Map Turtles
Learn how to care for Mississippi Map Turtles.

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