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Molting Hermit Crabs

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Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab from the Bahamas - size of an apple!


Hermit crabs can run into a number of issues while molting, but sometimes what you see as abnormal can actually be completely normal. Find the answers to your questions regarding molting hermit crabs here!

  • How To Care For Molting Hermit Crabs

  • How Often Do Hermit Crabs Molt?

  • How To Tell When Your Hermit Crab is Going To Molt

  • How Long Does it Take a Hermit Crab To Molt?

  • When to Return an Isolated, Molting Hermit Crab to the Main Tank

  • How to Tell if Your Hermit Crab is Dead or Molting

  • Should You Leave the Molted Exoskeleton of Your Hermit Crab in the Tank?

  • Should You Use an Isolation Tank for Your Molting Hermit Crab?

  • Avoiding Stress During Molting

  • What To Do If Your Hermit Crab Comes Out of His Shell and Won't Go Back In

  • What is Ecdysis?

  • What is Dsecdysis?

  • What Does it Mean if Your Hermit Crab is Losing Legs or Claws?

  • What To Do if Your Hermit Crab Won't Change Shells

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