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Hermit Crabs

Information on pet hermit crabs.

Hermit Crab Pictures
Hermit crab pictures submitted by their owners (and information on how your exotic pet can be featured here).

Harry Potter, Sirius Black and Ringshark: Hermit Crab Pictures
Pictures of my family's hermit crabs, Ringshark, Harry Potter and Sirius Black.

About Hermit Crabs
A look at hermit crabs and online resources for hermit crab owners.

Housing Hermit Crabs
Land hermit crabs are not difficult to house, but providing the right temperature and humidity are vital. Here's what you need to know about setting up a tank and providing the proper environment for land hermit crabs.

Feeding Hermit Crabs
Hermit crabs in the wild are omnivores, eating a bit of everything. Feeding them in captivity is fairly easy, especially with a commercial hermit crab diet as the base of the diet supplemented with a good variety of fresh foods and treats.

Choosing Shells for Your Hermit Crabs
Hermit crabs should be provided with a variety of shells so that they can choose one that they like. It can take a bit of experimentation to make sure your hermit crabs have shells that they like.

Molting Hermit Crabs - How to Care For Molting Hermit Crabs
What to do with molting hermit crabs.

Help! My Hermit Crab is Out of His Shell and Won't Go Back In - What Do I Do?
Sometimes a hermit crab will come out of its shell and not get into another. There are numerous reasons this can occur, and it can be tough problem to correct.

Help! My Hermit Crab is Losing Legs -- What Can I Do?
Why hermit crabs lose legs and what to do if this happens to your hermit crab.

Finding Hermit Crab Shells - Don't Forget Craft Stores
Sometimes pet stores don't carry a big enough range of hermit crab shells, but I have found craft stores can be a good place to find different kinds of shells.

Pet Land Hermit Crab Pictures
Gallery of pet land hermit crab photos submitted to About Exotic Pets by our readers.

Great Little Hygrometer and Thermometer Combination Ideal for Hermit Crabs
A great little hygrometer and thermometer combination made for hermit crabs by Zoo Med.

Land Hermit Crab Owners Society
Also known as the "Hermies" group, this is an online community (through Yahoo! Groups) for hermit crab owners to exchange information.

Hermit Crab Doctor
An inroduction, with photos, to the author's (Jillian B.) hermit crabs, and information on caring for hermit crabs.

Molting Hermit Crabs - When to Return an Isolated Molting Hermit Crab
When to return an isolated molting hermit crab to the main tank

Sea Shell City
Source of hermit supplies, including a nifty assortment of replacement shells (skip the painted shells), and some hermit crab related novelty items like figurines and magnets.

Molting Hermit Crabs - How Long Does it Take Hermit Crabs to Molt?
How long does it take for hermit crabs to complete a molt

Molting Hermit Crabs - How Often Do Hermit Crabs Molt
How often do hermit crabs molt

Molting Hermit Crabs - Lifeless Hermit crab - Is It Dead or Molting
How to tell the difference between a molting hermit crab dead hermit crab

Molting Hermit Crabs - Exoskelton Good Source of Calcium for Molting H
About leaving the molted exoskelton in the tank as a source of calcium.

Molting Hermit Crabs - Using Isolation Tanks for Molting Hermit Crabs
Deciding whether or not to use an isolation tank for molting hermit crabs

Molting Hermit Crabs - Isolation Tanks for Molting Hermit Crabs
Setting up an isolation tank for molting hermit crabs

Molting Hermit Crabs - Signs a Hermit Crab Is Getting Ready to Molt
Signs that a hermit crab is getting ready to molt

Crab Street Journal
Online magazine from participants in the Hermies Yahoo! Group, featuring articles, FAQ, caresheets, shopping tips, and much more.

Hermit Crab Cleaning
If you can't keep you hermit crab tank clean then this Quick Tip is for you! Find out how easy hermit crab cleaning can be.

Naturally Crabby
A terrific site with lots of up to date care information fabulous photography, and lots more.

Florida Marine Research
Company that specializes in hermit crabs and a full line of supplies; some care information.

Crabby Talk
Excellent hermit crab site. This hermit crab blog contains excellent information, photos of crabitats, resources, species identification, and hundreds of absolutely fantastic photos of all species of hermit crabs found in the pet trade in the US.

Epicurean Hermit
All about feeding hermit crabs with nutrition information, food lists (safe, unsafe), recipes, and more.

Hermit Crab Facts
These 10 facts contain the majority of what you need to know about hermit crabs. Therefore, read on to find out about all the awesome hermit crab facts!

Hermit Crab Fruits - What Do Hermit Crabs Eat?
Hermit crabs should have a diet of formulated and fresh foods. Find out what fruits are safe for your hermit crabs.

Molting Hermit Crabs
Do you have a question about molting hermit crabs? Find the answer here!

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